Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from Jeremiah!

Well it is Jeremiah's very first Halloween! We took his portraits yesterday at Sears, and I think they came out too cute for words. I absolutely love my little chicken! Last weekend, Louis and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Star Wars characters (that's what I get for allowing my husband to choose our costumes!). He was a Jedi, I was Padmae. Basically I looked like a white power ranger. I'll post pics of those when Marissa sends them to me. We're going to put those costumes back on and take Jeremiah out to just a few houses (to the neighbors that we personally know) and then head right back home and hand out candy.

Today is also an even bigger day than just plain ol' Halloween... my cousin Paul is going to be a DADDY today! His wife Rayna was induced this morning, and hopefully sometime soon little Sydney will show her beautiful sweet face. Jeremiah's going to be a big cousin... not the baby any more on my mom's side of the family! I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little girl... and especially for January when I get to be her daily babysitter!

Anyway, since I am still rather new to this whole blogspot ordeal, I don't know how (or if you even can) track how many viewers you have on your blog. Honestly I don't know if anyone even reads this thing; I have no subscribers. It always makes it more fun to post when I know that there are people out there who happen to care about what I have to say enough to check this thing out. So if you can please post a lil comment just to say hello, I'd appreciate it soo much!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another whirlwind weekend!

I swear it seems like Jeremiah and I never slow down enough to stop and smell the roses. Something is ALWAYS going on! This weekend isn't going to be any different. Here's our agenda:

Friday (tomorrow): My orchestra high school director has been with my alma matter, Walnut High School, for 25 years this year. The associate director organized a big alumni reunion for the Homecoming game, which is tomorrow, complete with alumni joining the current marching band in participating in the fight songs and field show. At first I wasn't going to go, because after looking at the RSVP list on Facebook, the majority of people going were in attendance long after I graduated, in addition to the fact that as a violinist I obviously wouldn't be playing. (Ironically enough though one of my friends went on to be a marching violinist at Yale! Not my cup of tea though). However, my friend Heidi, whom I haven't seen in over a year and a half, called me up and said she really wanted to go... so hence I'm going. We're going to bring Jeremiah until he gets fussy, and then my mom will pick him up. She lives really close to the school.

Saturday: My mom is having a fall open house at her shop from 9-5. I'm dropping Jeremiah off at my mom's house around 8:30 so my grandmother can babysit him, and work until around 1:30. Then we're off to Chino Hills for my friend Michelle's son Braden's first birthday. Braden is Jeremiah's favorite playmate =) Then back to my mom's we go, to drop Jeremiah off to spend the night there because a friend of Louis's family is getting married, and even though we personally didn't get an invitation, attendance is still mandatory. I HATE going to weddings for people I don't know! Especially since my MIL just included us on her invitation... Oh and the kicker- apparently that same day is my MIL's company picnic at Knotts, and I'm supposed to drop the earlier activities to attend. Umm... no... you didn't tell me the exact date until a few days ago and the open house and the birthday party were planned over a month ago. At least I get to sleep in a bit on Sunday!! This will be our second time leaving Jeremiah over night.

Sunday- picking Jeremiah up at my mom's around 10:00, then we're going to Jo Anns and Michaels to hit the fall sales (again...) this time with coupons =) I found Lindsey's birthday present at Jo Anns last time but it wasn't on sale, so now I can use my 50 percent coupon =) Other than that, not sure what we're doing besides relaxing at home with my darling husband.

Today is my cousin Rayna's due date! As of right now, little Sydney is staying put; but her doctor is talking about inducing in a few days or so if nothing happens. Keeping my fingers crossed that soon I'll be able to meet my little "niece!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deal of the day!!

This afternoon I was at Target with Jeremiah, in shock that not only Halloween and Thanksgiving things are up, but CHRISTMAS!! I went over to the DVD section, trying to decide which Christmas DVDs to add to our collection this year, when I saw the old Peanuts holiday cartoons- the Great Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving episode and the Christmas one. I really wanted to get at least one of them because Louis LOVES the Peanuts, especially Snoopy, and I enjoyed watching those cartoons as kids. Individually they cost $15 for one 25 minute episode.

I think not.

Then I came upon the boxed set of all three of those DVDs, which also included the soundtrack to the Christmas episode. The price tag underneath read $12.99.

It HAD to be wrong! How could one INDIVIDUAL episode cost more than the boxed set? I double checked to make sure that one of the sets was not incorrectly placed. Nope. The label coincided with the exact product. In a state of shock, I put one of the boxed sets into my cart.

The very first thing that I did when I went to check out was have the cashier verify the price. Of course it rang up as nearly $37. I asked her if she could check the price for me with electronics, and sure enough, Target made a boo boo. They typed out the WRONG price on the price tag, but it still rang up as the correct one! However, their mistake is my gain- the manager let me have it for $12.99!!!! Woohoo!!

I was so excited that I pulled out the Christmas soundtrack and listened to it all the way home :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

10 Months Old

Today my baby boy is 10 months old. In just two more months we will be celebrating his first birthday. Actually scratch that- his big birthday celebration is in one month and 3 weeks! I had the CUTEST pictures that I wanted to post of him today from his (brief) "I'm 10 Months Old Today" bathtime session, but my camera battery just decided to die, so after I charge it I will post them. Jeremiah is such a ham. Every time he even sees me reach for the camera, he strikes a pose with a huge grin. I can never catch him "in the act".

Tomorrow I have such a full (but fun!) day planned. After Jeremiah wakes up from his morning nap, we are going to go to Babies r Us. I have a few things there to return that I found on Craigslist for a fraction of the cost, and I will make my final decision as to whether or not we will actually dress Jeremiah up for Halloween this year. We are leaning towards "no" because it's our first Halloween in our new house and we want to be around for Trick or Treaters, and I just haven't seen any cute chicken or duck costumes out for newborns (or hardly ANY cute newborn costumes for that matter) that have made me decide to dress him up regardless. Besides, if we do take him trick or treating, Mommy and Daddy would be stuck with all his goodies- something else we don't want! After that I'm heading over to a lady's house in Monrovia to pick up MORE craigslist toys (I'm an addict I swear- but ONLY when I find a remarkable deal!) Since I'm going to be in the same general area as my grandma, I called and asked her if I could stop by around 1:00. She said she wasn't going to be back until 2:30, so I decided to call my grandpa Harry up and see if we could come over while we wait. Of course he said yes! I haven't seen him in about two months, but Jeremiah saw him just a few weeks ago. My dad took him over for a surprise visit when I was at Rayna's baby shower. Then it's off to my Grandma Sally's house. As it turns out, my great aunt Betty (my grandma's cousin-in-law) is staying at her house for a few days, and she's dying to see Jeremiah. My mom will also be dropping by my grandmother's house for dinner, because apparently 24 hours is too long to go withoug seeing her only grandchild.

That's about all the update I have for now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello October!

My favorite time of year is here! Just from glancing around at other people's blogs/facebook status, I gather that this is the favorite time of year for many. I looooooove the start of fall through Christmas. I'm not so crazy about New Years, and definitely not the cold dreariness of January-springtime. If it were not so gosh darn HOT right now I would be in hog heaven. On Saturday I'm going to send Jeremiah to my mother's house for the afternoon so that I can get my house spick and span, and decorate! This is something I've been especially looking forward to- getting out all my holiday gear. So far they have only made one appearance in 2006 after we first got married. Last year everything was in storage when we were living with Louis's mom, and then my mom and dad, waiting for Jeremiah to arrive and for our house to finally be tenant free. It's going to be like seeing old friends.

Another reason why I am DOUBLY glad that October is here is because that means that there will be a new member of our family! My cousin Paul and his wife Rayna are expecting their first daughter, little Sydney, in just two weeks time. In the past I have always been excited for a new member of the family. This time I'm downright ecstatic. Maybe it's because I have been through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood this time around. I know exactly what Rayna is going through and what she can expect. Mommies have a common bond with one another. Or maybe it's because when Rayna goes back to work in January, I will be little Syndey's babysitter. Jeremiah will have a little cousin to play with and be very close with. I can't wait to see the two of them interact with one another. Or maybe it's because, being 10 years older, Paul has always been like a big brother to me, spoiling my brother and I rotten. Now it's my turn to spoil his child (and believe me, I went a tad nuts with baby shower presents!) It's the family joke that while Paul may be 10 years older than I am, I beat him to the altar (he got married in August 2007, me in July 2006), and last December to parenthood. I can't wait to get that phone call telling me that Rayna is in labor and finally get to meet this new precious bundle of joy!

I think I might have to stop into Starbucks today and get a gingerbread latte- not something I'm accustomed to doing, but it's definitely something "fall-ish."