Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evelynne's first (and hopefully LAST!) hospitalization

Evelynne came down with a fever out of the blue on Sat, with no other symptoms or even fussiness. since it peaked at 103 we were sent to the ER, but got released within a few hours since it was going down and had nothing else apparently wrong with her. The dr. didn't want to subject her to too much testing on day 1 of her illness. The fever was still there Monday night so we had to take her back, where we found out she had a urinary tract infection, which caused the fever. They ran blood work, did x-rays, and even a spinal to rule out meningitis. My poor little girl... it was SO hard seeing her subjected to all those needles and catheters! Shots I can handle; IV's, spinals and blood drawing is totally different. She had to stay in the hospital until today- luckily everything is perfect with her now! No allergic reactions to the medication, and all her other tests came out clean as well. I just felt so bad for all the other babies and children that I heard crying and screaming in the pediatric ward, especially since my little girl was so HAPPY the entire time, unless she was having something poked in her or prodded. I had so much to be thankful for.

I'll do my general "Evelynne update" like I did for Jeremiah later this weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Sweet Son!

I am going to do my updates in a few different segments to prevent me from having another LONG blog (such as Evelynne's birth story). Oh, Jeremiah. My sweet, sweet Jeremiah. Getting oh so big and amazing me every single day! His speech lessons are certainly paying off because I can't even count how many words he knows now, and new words are sprouting out of him every day. He is also starting to form small sentences, sometimes two words or three words. His favorite words all revolve around Evelynne- "Sister, Evy, and Diaper" are heard All Day Long. Speaking of his sister, he loves her to pieces. From the moment he wakes up he is asking for her and wanting to give her a hug and kiss. Very cute, but when she was still sleeping in her cradle in our room it would cause me much distress that he was going to wake her up! (We bring him in our room when he wakes up in the morning to cuddle, drink his sippy cup and watch a little TV). Now that she's in her crib in her own room things are much better =) I recently put away the majority of Jeremiah's "noise making toys"- the kinds with tons of buttons that light up and play music. He would spend the majority of his day just sitting down and pressing them rather than engaging in more social or educational play, even though most of those toys are labeled "educational." I call tehm "anti-social." He now LOVES wood puzzles, shape sorters, play doh, coloring, balls, his sand box, and racing dead batteries off of our coffee table (his little invention!) Twice a week he has a babysitter, a college student we had respond to an ad we put on Craigslist, come over and play while I hang out with Evy or clean if she is napping. He adores his babysitter and gets so excited when she comes over. I am so thankful for the four hours of undivided, individual attention that he gets each week from her that is so hard for me to give him right now. If you take a look at the picture closely, you will see Jeremiah's first set of stitches, which he got a week before Easter after running into the closet door. It was a mess- blood everywhere, and he absolutely hated getting straightjacketed to get the stitches, but my brave little man pulled through =) Boys will be boys!

Jeremiah is going through that terrible twos stage, embracing his independence and new abilities to vocalize just what he wants. He is known to change his mind about what he wants to eat as soon as I present him with his requests. He is still really picky with eating so I usually make him his own dinner for now, until he gets a more broad palette other than fish sticks, sandwiches, dino nuggets and hot dogs. It's a slow process but I'm hoping for the best that this won't last forever! He knows that he can get away with a LOT when I am nursing Evelynne- I can't exactly chase him down when I have the baby suctioned to me. Things have gotten better but I have more than a few gray hairs from this stage of his life.

Stay tuned for my update on Evelynne!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Teaser =)

I have *FINALLY* uploaded more pictures to my laptop and fully intend on writing a good lengthy update, complete with pictu sometime in the next day or two- provided I see some feedback on my blog =) Honestly, PART of the reason that I hardly update anymore is due to lack of feedback. Anonymous or not, I love to hear from my readers!