Saturday, November 3, 2012

A HUGE Sigh of Relief

Yesterday we got some pretty amazing news.  Evy officially does not have Autism!  Because she receives early intervention services thru the Regional Center, she qualified for a psychological evaluation.  Even though I was fairly certain she doesn't have it, it was still very reassuring to hear it from a professional.  The psychologist did tell us that Evy does have a phonological disorder (trouble pronouncing certain sounds- ex she calls kitties "titties") and so he is recommending that our school district continue to give her speech therapy.  He is confident that within a year it will become a non issue, but since her pronunciation is pretty off on several sounds and not just a little here and there, he is recommending therapy sooner rather than waiting waiting til she gets older if she doesn't grow out of it.

In addition to testing for autism, the psychologist also ran some other tests, and told us that Evy's cognitive and social skills fall in the "gifted" range, and that even with her speech issues, she tested for speech at the absolute top of "normal" and will be "gifted" once her speech clears up.  Already he's talking to us about considering gifted programs for her when she reaches 2nd or 3rd grade if she seems bored in class!  Lots to think about....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This past year.....

September 2012
So much has happened this past year!! I always have the best intention of blogging, and definitely love keeping up on everybody else's blogs, but between having two kids in preschool at different locations , and Jeremiah having nearly 20 hours a week of in home therapy after school, plus all the usual day to day tasks of being a mom and a wife, I just have not been motivated to sit down and write.  So in the off chance that I actually still have readers , here's what we've been up to the past year:
Moving Day- July 20- last pic in our Whittier house

As a family.....
*We moved from Whittier to Altadena in July.  We now live in my grandparents' old house .  We absolutely LOVE IT!! It's in the foothills of the mountains, right next to a trail, and has a big stretch of grass across the street going down hill.  There's so much wildlife here- we see squirrels and a variety of birds every time we look outside, plus flocks of peacocks and even coyotes.  Everybody walks their dogs across the street too, so that's fun for the kids to see.  The move was a surprisingly easy adjustment for the kids, which was an answer to prayer.  I think its helped that we moved to a house that they were already familiar with . 

*Luis and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary two days after the big move.  We went to Vegas for 4 nights at 3 am following our move.  It was great to have some uninturrupted time together, relax, and watch Jerry Seinfeld live :)

*In fact... today is the 11th anniversary of us entering a relationship, and the 9th anniversary of our engagement! We still celebrate this anniversary by going out to dinner.  Any excuse for romance and nostalgia :) 

*Have gained a nephew and baby cousin! Lindsey gave birth to Micah Clark on February 21.  We absolutely love our little guy, and it's so cute to see the kids play with him.  

Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch 
*Will be 5 years old on Dec 2.  So hard to believe that this week 5 years ago I had my last day of work (substitute teaching and tutoring) and haven't looked back!

*Started his final year of preschool in September- next year kindergarten! 

*Is improving by leaps and bounds verbally, behaviorally and socially.  Just today I witnessed him initiate play with a classmate at the park- something I've only dreamed about before!

*Loves his sister to pieces- and she loves him equally. They are best buds

*Loves playing with marbles, bubbles, his iTouch, going to the park, Disneyland-and riding all the big rides!, chasing our dog, and anything to do with  birthday cakes and candles.

Evy is....
*Loving every moment of preschool! Because of Jeremiah's autism, she qualified for early intervention preschool for kids under 3 just to be on the safe side.  However, any little question marks we have had about her possibly having autism have gone out the window.  She's a very verbal, very social little gal!   

*Loves her brother to pieces.  She loves dressing him up just as much as she loves playing tackle football with him :) 

*Loves to sing.  All day, every day.  In the car, in her crib during naptime, while she's playing, you name it.  And if she's not singing she's talking.  nonstop.  My little chatterbox

*Loves to read, which I'm sooooo excited about because I'm definitely a reader too! Her favorites are Dr. Seuss books and Eric Carle books.  

*Wants to do everything that Jeremiah does... even if it's climbing up those scary ladders and rock climbing walls at the park.  And she does it so well! 

*a veggie-holic.  She loves vegetables to pieces.  Seriously, what two year old has to be told she can't have her veggies until she finishes her mac n cheese???