Saturday, November 3, 2012

A HUGE Sigh of Relief

Yesterday we got some pretty amazing news.  Evy officially does not have Autism!  Because she receives early intervention services thru the Regional Center, she qualified for a psychological evaluation.  Even though I was fairly certain she doesn't have it, it was still very reassuring to hear it from a professional.  The psychologist did tell us that Evy does have a phonological disorder (trouble pronouncing certain sounds- ex she calls kitties "titties") and so he is recommending that our school district continue to give her speech therapy.  He is confident that within a year it will become a non issue, but since her pronunciation is pretty off on several sounds and not just a little here and there, he is recommending therapy sooner rather than waiting waiting til she gets older if she doesn't grow out of it.

In addition to testing for autism, the psychologist also ran some other tests, and told us that Evy's cognitive and social skills fall in the "gifted" range, and that even with her speech issues, she tested for speech at the absolute top of "normal" and will be "gifted" once her speech clears up.  Already he's talking to us about considering gifted programs for her when she reaches 2nd or 3rd grade if she seems bored in class!  Lots to think about....

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