Saturday, February 20, 2010

Evelynne Arlene Castillo!

Born on Tuesday February 16th at exactly Midnight! (right after the pairs skating finals)
7 pounds 8 oz
19 1/2 inches

More to come later!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Four Days!

Man oh man, this little girl is already giving me gray hairs (err... I mean adding to the collection of gray hairs that I already have!) and she isn't even here yet! Let me tell you about the fun-filled week that I've had:

Ever since I got discharged from the hospital last Tuesday night, I've been having contractions on and off. Not just little ones, big ones! They have not been consistent enough to send me back to the hospital; however they have been plenty strong and consistent enough to keep me up most of the night in pain several nights in a row. I went to my doctor's appointment on Monday with high hopes that I would be well underway with dilation so that he could send me in for an induction- or at the very least, do a little something to get my labor going =) However, after two long hours waiting to even SEE my doctor (he got tushed away for an emergency c-section and then had a few patients before me to tend to), all he had to tell me was that while my cervix was beginning to soften, I was still completely CLOSED. UGH!!!! However, Dr. Melnik did tell me that he thinks the baby will be here by Friday. And she almost was...

I got home and immediately went to the restroom. That's when all the fun began- I started gushing bright red blood. I called my OB in a panic, thinking it could be the start of placenta previa. By that point, though, the gushing had slowed down to spotting so he told me to just monitor the baby's movement for a few hours, and if she wasn't making five kicks an hour to go in and get checked out. I thought all was well, until less than 10 min. later I started spouting out a little clot! That got me sent back to the hospital. I was scared out of my mind, thinking I was going to need a c-section or that something was wrong with the baby. Praise God, though, that everything turned out to be just fine- my cervix was just acting way sensitive from the exam I had that evening! And, when the nurse at the hospital checked me, I dilated to 1 cm! They monitored me for around an hour, and even though I was starting to contract, they sent me home. My contractions weren't long and regular enough to keep me, and they wanted me to labor at home as long as possible to avoid having a c-section, in case no progress was being made. They told me that I'd probably be back within 24 hours (ha...yeah... I'm still home 48 hours later!) Can you believe Louis wanted to wait until 2 1/2 men was over to go home?! I had to pry him away from our triage room and reassured him that the episode was being recorded on our DVR.

Yesterday (the day after the big blood scare) I was having tons of contractions all day long, and started waddling like the trees in the Lord of the Rings (Louis's words, not mine). I thought yesterday was going to be the day, but of course it was wishful thinking. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine once again. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound apt. to check the size of the baby, and I'm going to have the dr. check my progress again, just because =) I really hope my dr. was right about her coming by Friday, but I'll be thankful if she's here by my due date on Sunday! We'll see what happens.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Days!

Ten more days. T-E-N. Ten days til Valentines Day for you normal people who aren't carrying around a baby in their tummy. As for Louis and I, it is ten days until our precious daughter's due date! Not that a "due date" really means much, because hardly any babies are actually born on the predicted date. Take Jeremiah, for example. He was due on Thanksgiving Day 2007, November 22 (what is it with me conceiving babies who have due dates on holidays?!). November 22 came and went. As did the next 9 days that followed November 22, until December 2, the day he decided he had enough of Mommy's cozy belly and wanted to enter the big, bright world. So who knows when his little sister is going to make her grand entrance. Something always told me that Jeremiah was going to be at least a little late, so I wasn't too surprised that he didn't come right away. As for this little gal, I have thought all along that she would come early.

And she almost did.

Tuesday night started out as a wonderful evening here at the Castillo household. I finally made the corned beef that has been sitting in my freezer for a few months, and that I have been dying to make. It came out delicious. Louis and I curled up in front of the TV with our delicious dinner, and settled down to eat and watch the previous night's new episode of "2 1/2 Men" and that night's "American Idol." That's when all the fun began. I started getting lots of contractions- big, big contractions that wouldn't stop coming. Two hours later I was on the brink of tears, so I told Louis we better pack our hospital bag, just in case. The next day was laundry day, so most of the things we had to throw in the bag wasn't the cleanest. Anyway, I decided to call the dr. just to see what he wanted me to do- labor at home for a little longer, or go to the hospital. Judging from the fact that I was crying on the phone, he told me to get to the hospital ASAP. One hour later, after my mother in law arrived at our house to stay with Jeremiah, we made it to the hospital. And that's when everything stopped.


All that pain, all that labor for nothing. Not just nothing- I didn't even begin to dilate a little! Not even a smidge! The nurses kept me for observation for the next 3 hours to see if anything would change, but nope- our daughter thought she played an excellent joke on Mommy and Daddy. We got to the hospital at 10:30 pm and walked through our door at 1:30 a.m.

I hate false alarms.

But what I hate even worse than false alarms are mommies that have to share my triage room, who come crying and practically screaming, and are already dilated to 7 cm, while I'm hooked up to a monitor, praying that those awful contractions that went away come back. Because massive pain sounded pretty good at that point.

We're 100 percent ready for this baby. In the past two weeks we had three fantastic baby showers. Our daughter has more clothes than she is probably going to be able to wear, tons of diapers for her little tushie, bottles, blankets, burp cloths, you name it she has it. Our hospital bag is re-packed, filled with plenty of clean clothes for us. Jeremiah's bag is packed as well. We have a bag of lunchables and snacks in our fridge for Louis to munch on when I'm laboring (something we didn't have on Tuesday night). We're all set and ready to go. I know I should take the next few days leading up to her birth enjoying the last days of having Jeremiah be an only child, of being able to nap when he naps, of having one independent kid to care for rather than a toddler and a needy newborn, of being able to sleep through the entire night. But I just want to hold her already!